3 Foods You Should Buy Organic


Making decisions about groceries affects both your family's health and your budget, so it pays to be informed. One way to help ensure your family gets plenty of nutrient- and vitamin-rich food is to trade out some of your normal grocery purchases for organic items. Organic food tends to have more real, wholesome ingredients and fewer fillers and preservatives. When deciding where to start focusing your organic food purchases, consider these three food items:

Organic Bread

If your family eats a lot of bread, switching to organic is more important than you may think. Non-organic grains are sprayed with toxic pesticides, which then make their way into the bread products your family consumes. Organic bread, on the other hand, is made from grains that were never sprayed with pesticides, from farmers who use more natural pest control methods.

Organic whole grain breads are especially good for you, containing healthy energy-boosting carbs without all the fillers or sugar found in more refined and processed breads. Organic breads also have a lot of flavor, so you may find your family members end up using smaller amounts of butter and other toppings, which can save you money in the long run.

Organic Milk and Dairy Products

Another food category where it pays to spend a bit more on organic products is milk, yogurt, butter, and other organic products. Dairy products that come from non-organic sources are problematic because the cows that produce these products are fed hormones, antibiotics, and other medicine that is then passed into your family's milk and dairy.

Organic dairy farmers, on the other hand, keep their cows as healthy and comfortable as possible so that these medical interventions are not needed and so that the resulting dairy products do not contain any toxic substances. One fun option is to find a local organic dairy farm with either a pickup or delivery service to meet your family's dairy needs.

Organic Veggies and Fruits Without Thick Rinds

Vegetables and fruit are another food category where buying organic makes a big difference. Because vegetables and fruit without thick rinds are delicate and don't have a protective coating, the pesticides and chemical fertilizers used by non-organic farmers easily make their way into the fruits and veggies. In particular, it's a good idea to switch to organic lettuce, berries, and grapes.

By switching to these organic foods on your next grocery trip, you will be doing something beneficial for your family's health and wellness.


23 August 2017

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