Tips For Your First Time Using An Electric Smoker

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Electric smokers are quite easy to use compared to charcoal smokers. They use electric heat elements to slowly burn wood chips or pellets, generating smoke. Many electric smokers also have a fan unit to circulate the smoke. As easy as they are to use once you get used to them, electric smokers do come with a bit of a learning curve. So, here are some tips for success the first time or two you use your smoker.

Run the smoker empty first.

Before you cook anything, make sure you turn the smoker on, allow it to get to temperature, and just let it stay heated for a half hour or so. This will burn off any impurities or residue on the racks or other interior components of the smoker. It will also give you a chance to play around with the settings and thermostat without having to worry about cooking any meat.

Watch the temperature closely.

Temperature is very important when smoking food. Smoking a pork butt at 275 degrees F will yield quite different results than smoking the same pork butt at 300 degrees F, for instance. To ensure you get the results you desire, make sure you watch the temperature closely while smoking your food. Follow a recipe, and use the temperature recommendations in that recipe. Different meats need to smoke at different temperatures.

Choose your wood chips wisely.

Make sure you choose a wood type that will pair well with the food you're smoking. Generally speaking, you want a more strongly flavored wood for beef and pork and a milder wood for chicken or fish. Mesquite and hickory are known for generating really strong, flavorful smoke. Cherry, apple, and alder all generate milder smoke. 

Don't overfill the smoker.

Sometimes people get a new smoker and are so excited to try it that they cram in as much as they can the first time around. But overfilling a smoker does not yield good results. There needs to be room for the smoke and hot air to circulate around the food. So, always load your electric smoker sparingly. Especially the first time around, you are better off experimenting with something small so you know airflow won't be an issue.

With the tips above, you can get better results with your electric smoker — even the very first time you use it! You'll be turning out fabulous, smoked meals in no time.

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28 October 2021

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