Enjoy A Summer Seafood Boil And Other Specialties During Your Boss's Birthday Bash

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A seafood boil is a tasty dish that is often enjoyed in the South. A boil may contain crabs, shrimp, mussels, and any other variety of seafood that you prefer. To enhance the flavor of the meat, corn and potatoes are often added to the pot that the seafood is cooking in and an array of spices are sprinkled across all of the components. If you are going to be hosting a summer party to celebrate your boss's birthday, reserve space at a Southern-style restaurant that offers catering services for large groups of people.

Consider The Setting

Choose a casual or a fancy atmosphere for the gathering. Since a seafood boil is a meal that can be rather messy, you may want to hold the festivities outdoors. Seek rental space at a restaurant that features a deck or a patio seating. If you are opposed to sitting outdoors due to seating restrictions or because you want to avoid the hot, sticky weather that is associated with summer, choose a restaurant that features separate dining areas that are utilized for parties.

You and your guests will be accommodated in a comfortable room, and you may be fortunate enough to tie live entertainment into the party that you are holding. For instance, if there is going to be a musical group playing at a venue, include the performance with the festivities. 

Decide How You Will Break The News

If the party is going to be a surprise for your boss, you will need to come up with a plan to lure them to the restaurant. First, make the reservations for the party and provide the head of the catering crew with details about the menu that you would like served. Include appetizers and dessert, along with the seafood boil. If you are not sure what type of dishes will pair well with spicy Southern cuisine, request advice from the caterer and sample any items that are prepared in advance.

Let everyone at work know about the upcoming party. Either send emails to your coworkers or pull people aside and discreetly let them know about the birthday party and the fact that you would like to keep the information from your boss for the time being. On the day of the event, ask your boss if they could meet with you after hours, to discuss business.

Another idea is to tell your employer the name of the restaurant and the address of the establishment and relay the message that they are to meet a client at the dining spot at a specific time. After you are successful with getting your boss to head to the restaurant, meet everyone else in the room or outdoor area that is designated for the party and get ready to surprise your employer when they arrive.


5 February 2020

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