Surprise Your Office With An Impressive Catered Breakfast

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Many companies will have breakfast meetings with their management teams or even their entire staffs. This usually means that someone will pick up some muffins or donuts, and there will be some containers of coffee and tea on hand. While this plan technically meets the definition of breakfast, it's not exactly something that will get your staff fired up. If you're looking to do something a little different — perhaps for a meeting at which you'll announce a major acquisition or something else positive — it can be fun to hire a local catering service to surprise the office with an impressive catered breakfast. Here are some elements that the catering service can include.

Orange Juice Fountain

Grabbing bottles or drinking boxes of orange juice from a cooler isn't nearly as impressive as an orange juice fountain, so hire a catering service that can offer this perk for your event. The fountain will typically be an elaborate structure that has a reservoir that is filled with orange juice. When a server turns the fountain on, orange juice will stream out of a series of jets, where people can hold their glasses to get filled up. Juice that isn't taken is collected at the base of the fountain and pumped through again.

Omelet Bar

For many people, being able to enjoy a made-to-order omelet for breakfast is the pinnacle of luxury, so find a catering service that can offer one or more omelet stations and cooks for your catered event. At these stations, your staff will get to choose from a long list of enticing ingredients, including ham, bacon, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, onions, and more, and then choose their favorite type of cheese and stand back and watch while the cook puts the custom omelet together and serves it piping hot a few minutes later.

Waffle Station

The breakfast areas at some hotels allow you to make your own waffles, but having a waffle station staffed by cooks set up at your catered event will allow people to place an order and then wait a couple minutes for these light and fluffy breakfast treats. The catering service can also provide a variety of tantalizing waffle toppings, including whipped cream, berries, chocolate chips, and more so that your staff members can top their waffles in any way they wish.

Don't Forget the Placeholders

Other than having good food, another way to make your work lunch more intimate is to have personalized placeholders at every table. Placeholders help your coworkers to feel recognized and can also be a great way to mix and mingle people who wouldn't normally sit with each other. 

Many catering services specialize in breakfast events, so you should be able to find a caterer that can provide the above services for your gathering. 


13 November 2017

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