When Is The Best Time Of Day To Enjoy Your K-Cup

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Coffee is the beverage of choice for many early risers and has been for quite some time. Just because it's common or tradition, this doesn't mean it's right. Having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning can produce unnecessary issues that will follow you throughout your day and maybe even into the night. Learn how drinking too soon can affect you and most importantly, when to drink.

The Problem with Drinking Too Soon

You had a long night, and you barely heard the alarm clock go off. The first thing you do is head downstairs, pop a k-cup in the coffee maker and hit brew – wait! You're already rough morning can quickly go downhill. A burst of caffeine too early in the morning can get your circadian rhythm out of whack. The circadian rhythm is the body's internal 24-hour clock that prompts the mental, physical, and behavioral changes that the body makes throughout the day cycle.

A natural part of this process is the production of cortisol, a hormone that makes you feel awake. When you have a burst of caffeine in the morning, the body stops producing cortisol and relies on the artificial stimulant, caffeine. Once the caffeine effects wear off, you'll be left tired again.

When to Enjoy

Now that you've learned the effects of drinking coffee too early in the morning, the logical next question is – when is the best time to drink? First, understand that this time doesn't have anything to do with when you actually wake up. Regardless of your sleep schedule, such as for someone who works at night, you're still operating on a standard 24-hour schedule that tells the body to stay awake during the day.

So, with that being said, the best time to have coffee is somewhere between 9:30 and 11:30 in the morning and 1:30 and 5:00 in the evening. Outside these windows is the period when the body cortisol levels are at their highest, also meaning you're most alert. So, if you're drinking coffee during these times, you're basically wasting your natural alertness. After 5, the body begins to adjust to a sleep cycle, so it's best to avoid caffeine during this period.

Did you think drinking coffee was simple – not exactly. There is actually some science to it. However, with these tips, you'll know when to drink to get the most from your day. Stock up on your k-cups and enjoy your coffee at the right time for optimal benefit.


5 September 2017

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